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Issue 4 (aka AUG17) went to the printers on Thursday 28th September. It will be worth the wait! Expect to read about BOKs Photo Trail, WOC in Estonia, running Jukola as a 74 year old, Scottish 6 Days, Harvesters, Saunders MM and more... Along with the usual columns and sections of O delight and navigational wonder. Make sure your sub is up to date!

PRICE CHANGE on the horizon! After 7 years at a bargainsome price, it is almost time to increase subscription rates. The rates will go up to £36 (UK), £44 (EUR), £50 (Rest of the World) - with £1 discount if you are a BOF member. These prices will come into effect on 1st November 2017 so if you want to get ahead and save yourself some money, then pay for as many years as you like before the deadline. If you have a Standing Order or a recurring PayPal Sub, these will have to be changed of course. More information in the Magazine.